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We are best hospital in kerala specializing in anal diseases.
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Thoppil hospital is one of the top hospitals providing painless cure for piles and other associated diseases. Our highlight is that our treatment is 100% safe and is painless, also the patient can return to his normal life the next day after the surgery. We pioneer in hemorrhoids anatomy with infrared (laser) treatment and cryosurgery. Our doctors are highly qualified and experienced in the domain. We have successfully treated more than 50000 patients in the last 20 years of operation and continue to be one of the best hospitals in kerala.

Piles or hemorrhoids is a very common medical issues in our society. Due to many factors including the change in lifestyle, food habits, working habits etc, more and more people are reportedly getting this issue. Though this is a easy to treat condition many people tend to stay away from proper medication due to embarrassment. We attribute due importance to patient's privacy and maintains confidentiality as well as to the quality of treatment. Same day discharge is another highlight of our treatment.

Dr. K. Brahmanand

Senior Surgeon and Gynecologist (The Seniormost Surgeon in Kerala now)

Hailing from the serene, picturscue, sealine village of Arratupuzha, born in a traditional business family. Dr Brahmanand kicked off his career from the prestigious intermediate college TVM. Taking his graduation from SB Changanassery he entered the meritorious medical line to pursue his MBBS from the TVM Medical college. There was no turning back. Took M.S General Surgery and DGO from the same platform TVM Medical college. A brilliant student, Medical course was his passion, After completing MS General Surgery and DGO, A glorious entry into the Govt medical service in the year 1966, his posting Asst Surgeon-Leprosy sanitorium Noornadu. From there was a long saga of service and love to the poor and needy, providing his skills and ability to protect, help and serve especially helpless coming from the lower strata of the society. After a glorious and meritorious service record of 23 years, he took VRS, and settled home to start the thoppil hospital.

From patients from all around the globe, especially rural areas of Kerala, he is very much reputed and well Known and accrediated for his expertise in surgery, which is flawless and perfect and always a healing touch.

With more than a lakh of surgeries, ceasarians and cryosurgery to his credit.He is still working as the hands of almighty, with his grace and blessings he is now into complete cryosurgery specialities and with a flawless track record of more than 50000 cases successful and perfect.

Now running a well functioning and complete cryosurgery super clinic with all latest facilities in a serene peaceful location at Kayamkulam, backed by an efficient support team. The hospital is entering its 20 th year s of service with the thankful acknowledgements of thousands of patients.

Working hours- 7am – 4pm
Treatments- Cryo surgery and Haemoroidactomy.
Contact details- 9567867365 / info@thoppilhospital.com

Dr. Sangeetha S. Ambujakshan MBBS
Get back to work on the same day!
Unlike other treatment you dont have to spend weeks bedridden after the surgery.
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